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Benefits Of Ethereum

June 15, 2018

Here’s a few of Ethereum’s benefits:

Censorship Resistant

Nothing can be censored on Ethereum because of blockchain technology.

Data is hosted on nodes across the world so censorship or changing of data wouldn’t be possible without controlling thousands of nodes.

No Downtime

Since Ethereum isn’t held on one server (centralized) and is instead hosting on thousands of nodes (decentralized), there’s no downtime.

(Unless all nodes crash at the same time – which is rare).


With the introduction of Smart Contracts, Ethereum is a very versatile platform and could revolutionize many industries (as mentioned earlier with banking and Airbnb.


Ethereum is one of the most popular platforms for launching ICOs.

Ethereum’s blockchain makes it relatively easy for developers to create DApps, DAOs and other crypto-assets.

Therefore it’s become an increasingly more popular and convenient platform for ICOs and developers to launch from.

Transaction Speeds

Mining and transferring tokens is faster on the Ethereum blockchain, especially when compared to Bitcoin.

Transferring Bitcoin can take 10 minutes (or even longer) - whereas transferring Ethereum takes a matter of seconds.

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