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Hands-on Assignment: Data Exploration with NumPy

June 21, 2018

In this hands-on assignment, we’ll apply the NumPy python library to explore a dataset. The dataset we’ll be using is a medical dataset with information about some patients on metrics like glucose, insulin levels, and other metrics related to diabetes. The assignment will serve two primary objectives - (a) practice NumPy on a realistic task, and (b) learn how to get a feel for a large dataset (also known as data cleaning and data exploration).

Dataset description

We’ll be using the following dataset: diabetes.csv. Open the file in your favorite text editor and have a look.

The following are the column names: Pregnancies, Glucose, BloodPressure, SkinThickness, Insulin, BMI, DiabetesPedigreeFunction, Age, Outcome.

Quiz time!

The quiz will guide you through the rest of the assignment. Make sure you finish each step before moving on to the next step. Let’s get started!

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