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How do you choose a prototyping tool?

November 06, 2017

There is a wide variety of tools available for prototyping depending on your needs and approach. Before choosing a tool, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How much time would it take to learn how to use this tool?
  • Does it support prototypes for the needs of my product (web, software applications, mobile apps, etc.)?
  • Does the tool allow me to share my prototypes with others and gather their feedback?
  • How easy is it to make changes to the prototype?
  • Can I use pre-defined templates and stencils with this tool?

Paper and pencil, Sketch, Figma, Framer, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD are some commonly used Prototyping tools.

Prototyping Best Practices


  • Work with users and stakeholders to get the most feedback and engage them in the ownership of the final product
  • Set expectations early by making sure the users and stakeholders know that prototyping is a way to get answers to specific questions, and does not represent the finished product.
  • Make your high-fidelity realistic (including response delays) so that users and stakeholders are not disappointed when they compare it with the final product.
  • Save templates and stencils to reuse on future projects.


  • Don’t prototype features that won’t be in the final product
  • Don’t be a perfectionist — Good enough is your friend. The goal of rapid prototyping is to give everyone a common ground.
  • Don’t prototype everything!

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