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How to Buy Ripple Now

October 17, 2017

Visit an Exchange that trades in XRP and buy it

You can buy XRP using fiat (like US dollars or British pounds) or bitcoin.

  1. Using Fiat: Some exchanges where you can send EUR or USD to purchase XRP, such as Bittrex.
  2. Using Bitcoin: The cheapest and easiest way to buy XRP is to buy bitcoin first, and then send it any exchange that will trade it directly for XRP (Binance, Bitfinex, etc.)

Get a Ripple wallet

XRP wallets operate similarly to other cryptocurrency wallets. Hardware wallets (like Ledger Nano S) and paper wallets are the best wallets for long-term holding of the coin. There is also a desktop wallet from Rippex for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There are no reliable mobile wallets for XRP at the moment. The security phrase for finding the wallet if you lose your primary device is important, and should be kept in a safe place.

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