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Learn C++

September 11, 2018

Welcome to Commonlounge’s C++ Class. This is a 21-part course which will teach you C++ from scratch. It’s designed to be very hands-on and will walk you through every step of the process. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of programming or C++!

The course is divided into two sections — Getting started with C++ programming (which teaches you all the core programming concepts with C++), and Going deeper into C++ programming (which teachers you about C++‘s powerful Standard Template Library and covers advanced topics likes memory allocation, pointers, etc).

The quizzes, coding exercises and projects get more involved as the course goes on. This course includes 50+ practice problems, 20+ coding exercises and 3 projects — implementing Sudoku solver, implementing Minesweeper game, and breaking ciphers (uncovering secret messages!).

Getting started with C++ programming

You’ll start by writing your first C++ program — the classic Hello World! The next few tutorials work on basic C++ and programming concepts like data-types, variables and if-statements, along with quizzes to check your understanding. Towards the end of the section, you’ll learn about more involved topics like arrays, loops and functions, and do a lot of coding exercises. At the end of this section, you will write a C++ program to solve Sudoku puzzles!

Install C++

Now that you are halfway through the course, it’s a good time to install C++ on your computer. It’s not necessary to install C++, but it will help you speed-up your workflow and take on larger projects, so we recommend it.

Going deeper into C++ programming

You will start this section by learning about the C++ Standard Library. Specifically, you will learn about Vectors, Maps, Pairs and Strings. You’ll also deal with file input-output, sorting and advanced concepts like pointers and memory allocation. Along the way, you’ll encounter some really cool projects such as - implementing the Minesweeper game and breaking ciphers (uncovering secret messages!).

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