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Learn Sketch: Part II

December 06, 2017

This is a continuation of Learn Sketch tutorial. Here’s the Part I: Learn Sketch Part I

05. Getting the base shapes

Select your “Base” layer and change the Fill color to #ffffff. Add a secondary flat color fill to this layer using the “+” button and set it to #FAC3FF. Set the opacity of this flat color to 10%. You’ll end up with image 21.

Now hit “O” on your keyboard to select the oval shape tool. Draw a circle of 124*124 in the middle of your “Base” layer. You can use the right column to get the size right and do not forget to use the align tools we used before to get it perfectly centered. Remove the Borders, you’ll get this (22).

In your layer “Oval 1”, set the Fill to “Linear Gradient” and draw it diagonally. Set the top left color to #E500E7 and the bottom left color to #00D7FF. Do not change the Alpha nor the blending mode. (23)

Name this layer “Super colorful base” and group it into a “Color Base” group. (24)

Quick awesome tip: To make sure a layer is aligned hold the “Alt” key while pointing at it, it will make the smart guides appear. You can then hover other elements to measure the spacing between them.

With the oval tool again, we’re going to create the knob base. Draw a circle of 58*58 and center it on your “Super colorful base”.

Add a vertical linear gradient to your new layer with top color #FFDBFF and bottom color #FCF2FC (25)

Groups this layer (cmd+G) and call the group “Knob base”. (26)

As you can see, we just created the base shapes and zones of our icon. we have the iOS7 shape at the bottom, the colorful circle and the knob at the top. Now what’s left is to add some effects to this flat thing.

At this point if you want to make sure you have exactly what you see above, I created a mid-step sketch file. You can grab it here.

06. Creating the bevel

We are now going to spend some time on the “Color base” group. We’re going to create the “ring” surrounding our big circle of color.

With your oval tool (O) create a circle of 128*128 centered on the base. Don’t forget that you can use the alignment tool and check everything by displaying the smart guide using the “Alt” key. You should have something like image 27 below.

Now again with your oval tool, we’re going to create a smaller circle, perfectly centered on the previous one. Don’t forget to hold “shift” while drawing and make it 116*116 (28).

Make sure the most recent layer is on top, select both of them and in the main toolbar click “substract” (29). You will end up with image 30.

You’ll notice that Oval 3 is now a “shape group”. If you open it, you will be able to modify the drawn shapes. Rename this layer to “Surrounding”.

Let’s add a linear gradient on it to create some perspective. Make your gradient go diagonally from left to right. Set the top color to #F698FF and the bottom color to #FFF3FF so it looks like (31).

Now we’re going to add an additional color to this gradient to simulate color reflection. When you hover the stroke representing your drawn gradient, you’ll see your cursor with a “+”. Cicking will add a new color handle to your gradient. Add a new color at about 1/3 of the way down (close to the knob base outline) and make it #BDB6FF (32).

The next step is about the bevel. We need to create the little “bump” on the icon. The thing that makes pop the central element out of the base and create a nice 3d effect. There is no “bevel and emboss” tool ala Photoshop in Sketch to we are going to have to create it using a simple gradient.

Draw a new Oval (“O” key) of 144*144 underneath your “Super colorful base” layer and perfectly centered on the base. Remove the border layer and add a vertical liner gradient to it with the top color being #ffffff and the bottom color #DF80FF (33).

Next step is to blur it so it creates a proper smoothing effect. Notice the “Gaussian Blur” row in the right column. Check its checkbox and set the amount to 3px (34). Finally, set the opacity of the whole layer to 44%(35).

07. Adding depth

Now that your bevel adds some depth to your icon, it’s time to replicate this depth into your colorful circle. Select your “Super colorful base” layer and add a first Inner shadow by clicking the “+” in the “Inner Shadows” row.

Keep the #000000 color but set its alpha to 64. Set its X and Y to 0 and the blur to 10. Keep the spread to 0(36).

Add another inner shadow by clicking the “+” button.

This time set the opacity to 56, X:0, Y:7 and blur to 9 (37).

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