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Lesson 4: Have a Single Source of Truth

January 21, 2019

“We basically consider Zeplin to be our source of truth for collaborating with Engineering. If it’s not in Zeplin, it’s not official.” –Jason Stoff, Sr. Designer at Starbucks

Top product teams use a single source of truth to communicate final product changes across multiple stakeholders. A lot of teams like to use Zeplin for this because it’s great for sharing final designs.

Shannon Tinkley, a Product Designer at Slack, shares how she uses Zeplin to communicate the lifecycle of her designs to her team.

“Once concepts are in a more solidified state I push my screens out to Zeplin. Each of my Zeplin projects are based on feature flows. This way the whole team gets their eyes on it nice and early and allows us to nail down things that might have been previously overlooked. From there we just continue to iterate and tweak, and the newest stuff is always publically available to the team. This allows the devs to get a good jump on features and design no longer feels like a bottleneck.”

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