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Lesson 6: Automate Communicating Updates

January 21, 2019

Once a design is ready, instead of emailing your team an attachment, you can rely on Slack to automatically push an update to a channel when something has been updated on Zeplin.

This way, your designs won’t get lost in long email threads and you can direct team members to keep their eyes on the channel instead of asking you frequently for status updates.

With the Zeplin Slack integration, teammates can get notified of changes right away.

Your teammates will see an image of any newly updated design file.

No need to constantly email your team when a design is ready, and no need for your team to constantly check Zeplin while you’re waiting for a design.

You can tailor what updates the channel receives, but by default you will receive a notification when any changes occur in the project. You will see updates about Screens, Colors, Text Styles, Notes, Replies, Members and Project status (active/archived).

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