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Why people love learning on CommonLounge
Wow , I just started "Learn Data Science with Python" and it has clarified a lot of things related to DS that I was confused about. It's so concise and organized. It explains in simple terms and gives appropriate analogies. I finally understand a lot of concepts. I tried many courses from EdX and Coursera, but I'm glad I came accross CommonLounge. A pro membership is definitely worth it.
— Samuel P. via Intercom
I liked the way they have built the tutorial — one small chunk at a time... It was a wonderful experience learning Django here finally, after trying and failing to do that since past 2-3 times using other (not-so-interesting) tutorials!
Frequently Asked Questions
+Why join Pro?

CommonLounge has over 40+ courses on various topics with over 900 tutorials.

Over 20+ of these courses also include:

  • Quizzes: These make you work through interesting problems that solidify your learnings and (sometimes) stretch you.
  • Real world projects: These let you work with tools used in the industry, and experts give you feedback on every submission.
  • Certificate of Completion: After completing this course, you receive an official Certificate of Completion which includes details about your quiz scores and completed projects. More details here.

This is the best way to dive deeper into a topic and get hands-on experience and practice. Students often tell us that subscribing to Pro is a no-brainer since their understanding of the material improves substantially. To get access to these courses, you need to have a Pro subscription.

+Do I get access to a specific course with Pro, or all courses?

Once you subscribe to Pro, you get access to ALL the courses on the platform, not just a specific one. As long as you stay subscribed, you can enroll in as many courses as you'd like!

+Will I get access to new Pro courses that are added after I subscribe?

Absolutely! This is one of the best perks of being a Pro member. We are constantly expanding our catalog of courses and as a Pro member, you are always the first to get access to all of them. You can find out what's in the works with our Courses Roadmap.

+How is the Pro subscription so cheap compared to other platforms?

We believe that cost should not be a barrier in learning. and we hope to bring our content to as many students as possible. Hence, we work really hard to offer high-quality premium content that takes multiple months to create at incredibly low prices. If you don't believe us, just check out any of the free portions of our courses — they are 100% free and will convince you of the value of a Pro subscription.

Our courses are created and reviewed by industry experts — people who have worked at places like Facebook and Microsoft and who have graduated from top global universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology.

+How do certificates work?

Certificates are available to current Pro members for courses that have projects and/or quizzes. More details here.

+What does a subscription to Pro mean?

A Pro subscription gives you access to all of the Pro courses and features on the platform as long as you stay subscribed. Your subscription will automatically renew every month or year depending on how you chose to subscribe. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to all of the Pro courses / features, however your certificates will always remain valid for life and be accessible via the permanent link printed on them.

There's no minimum time period you have to be subscribed for — you can stay subscribed as long as you're getting value out of our courses. The subscription works the same way as it does for products such as Netflix, Spotify, Saavn, etc.

+How does the free trial work?

After you enter in your card details or PayPal information and start your trial, you get 7 days to use Pro without getting charged. You can cancel your trial at any time by going to the Settings page. After 7 days, your subscription will begin and you will automatically be charged either every month or every year, depending on the payment frequency you picked.

+Can I ask my employer to expense my Pro membership?
Many employers have a generous per-person budget (usually around $1000/employee per year) for continual learning and professional development of their employees and are happy to pay for CommonLounge subscriptions. At the end of your purchase, please email us at if you need a receipt to file an expense report.
+Do the prices change over time?

Once you've subscribed, you lock in your price as long as you stay subscribed. Since we're currently offering early adopter pricing, it is likely that our prices will only increase over time. If you cancel in the future and then wish to re-subscribe, you will have to pay the increased price if the price has indeed increased.

+What if I want to cancel my Pro subscription in the middle?

You can cancel your Pro subscription at any time by going to the Settings page.

After your 7-day trial period, your card is charged every month or every year, depending on your payment plan. If you cancel your membership, your subscription will not be renewed the following month or year.

For example, let's say you're on a monthly plan and midway through a month, you decide to cancel. You will not be refunded for the rest of that month and will retain your access to the Pro plan until the end of the month. After that, your payment method won't be charged again and you will lose access to Pro. The exact same thing happens for yearly plans as well.

+Why do I see different prices if I elect to pay monthly vs. yearly?

If you sign up for a yearly plan, we offer a significant discount off our monthly price (often as much as 40%) to thank you for your commitment. On the "Pricing" page, we show you an effective monthly price, i.e. the yearly price divided by 12, so that you can easily compare against the monthly option. An Annual Pro subscription is by far the best value option amongst all of our promotions at any time.

+Why is my card payment not going through?

We accept any debit or credit card as long as they can be used for online purchases and for international transactions. We also accept PayPal as a payment option. If your payment is being rejected, it is likely that international transactions are not enabled on your card.

Check here for additional information and next steps regarding this.

+More questions?

Please feel free to email us at