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Data Analytics with SQL Path

This path will walk you through the fundamentals of querying, aggregating, and creating reports using SQL. It takes you from being a complete beginner with SQL to a Data Analyst who can write efficient and dynamic queries using case statements, temporary tables, and subqueries.

This path consists of:
1 Course
5 Tutorials

Querying Data in SQL

  • Collect data using standard SQL commands (Create, Update, Truncate, Select, etc.).
  • Filter data using advanced SQL commands (Where, Group By, Having, Order By, Distinct, Limit).
  • Obtain data by creating relationships between tables using Joins (Inner, outer, union)
  • Gather filtered data using SQL Boolean operators (AND and OR) and SQL conditional operators (=, >, <, and BETWEEN).

Aggregating Data in SQL

  • Write Boolean statements with the IN SQL conditional operators and null functions (“IS NULL,” “IS NOT NULL,” and “IFNULL”).
  • Clean data using SQL mathematical functions (ABS, SIGN, MOD, etc.).
  • Summarize data sets by employing aggregation functions (“Sum,” “Average,” “Count,” etc.).
  • Creating reports by applying aggregation methods.

Writing Efficient and Dynamic Queries

  • Use CASE statements to structure data and create new attributes.
  • Combine multiple subqueries into one using “AS.”
  • Temporary Tables and Subqueries.
  • Determining data trends through advanced reporting.