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Project: Create User Journey Maps for Commonlounge

May 10, 2018


In this project, you’ll be working with the Commonlounge team to help us create collect User Journey maps for our users.


In this project, you will pick a User Flow, break it down into as many stages as possible, interview 5 users go through the flow, and generate the User Journey maps for each of them. Please refer to Empathy Maps and User Journey Maps tutorial before getting started with this task.


  • Describe the user flow you picked and break it down into 5-10 stages. If you want an example, think of how a user who lands on a course page for the first time subscribes to the course, is asked to sign up, signs up, comes back to the course, reads the first lesson, marks it as completed, rates and review it, and then moves on to the next.
  • Interview 5 of your friends and make them go through the process. Create a User Journey map for each. Upload these User Journey maps in your submission.

How to upload your deliverables?

Hit the Reply button below and create a post with a description of the user flow you picked, and the user journey maps you created. The Commonlounge team will give feedback on every submission. In addition, please feel free to critique other submissions — there’s a lot of room to learn from each other. Good luck!

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