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Project: Improve thumbnails on Commonlounge Homepage

May 10, 2018


In this project, you’ll be working with the Commonlounge team.


In this project, you’ll be working on improving the visual design of the Homepage’s thumbnails.


The course cover images, which become the thumbnails on Homepage, are submitted by the course creators. Hence the page lacks a visual cohesiveness. The Commonlounge team is looking for ways to make the screen look visually more cohesive, and they need your help!

Commonlounge HomePage (April 2018)


Your task is to think about how you can make the page look more visually uniform. Is there a way to make the thumbnails look more consistent? Keep an open mind and come up with all the solutions that may work without making the page look tacky!

Hints and ideas

Some of the ideas you can experiment with:

Does applying color tinting to the thumbnails bring more cohesiveness to the design?

What about something like Frosted Glass Effect?

Do we really need to show thumbnails so prominently? Can we redesign the course card to make it less reliant on the thumbnail?

How to upload your deliverables?

Hit the Reply button below and create a post with a screenshot of what you come up with. The Commonlounge team will give feedback on every submission. In addition, please feel free to critique other submissions — there’s a lot of room to learn from each other.

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