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Project: Make Learning More Social

June 20, 2018

This is a reasonably open-ended and broader project with multiple possible solutions.

One of the core ideas behind Commonlounge was to let students interact and learn from each other. To give students mini-forums around specific topics, we set up the community pages. For example, here’s one of the community pages: Artificial Intelligence community

With this background, here are your tasks for this project:

  1. Suggest improvements to the community page. What is working? What is not working? How would you redesign the non-courses experience of Commonlounge?
  2. How would you increase the virality factor of Commonlounge (i.e., so that on average, a user invites more of their friends) and at the same time, make learning more fun and social experience between a group of friends?
  3. Run a few user research interviews, or usability tests on your mockups to validate your assumptions.

Feeling stuck? Here’s something to get you started:

One idea that our team discussed internally was of introducing study groups, and having a table of who has completed how much within a study group — much like how a real life study group would work in colleges. Hubspot Academy’s learning center leverages this too, with students on the Y-axis, and the status of lessons in a course on the Y-axis. See below:

Source: Hubspot Academy

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