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Project: Size the market and find competitors for Commonlounge

May 11, 2018


In this project, you’ll be helping the Commonlounge team estimate the size of the market they are in, and do a competitor analysis. You’ll be using the techniques discussed in Sizing the market and finding competitors tutorial — so make sure you’ve read it first.


  1. Use top-down analysis to estimate the market size for Commonlounge. To make it easier, stick to the US and stick to college graduates seeking to make a career transition to Machine Learning, Product Management, UX Design and similar roles.
  2. Do the same as in 1, but use bottom-up analysis this time.
  3. How do these answers change if we expand the addressable market to US enterprises looking to re-train their internal workforce?
  4. Identify Commonlounge’s biggest competitors.

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The Commonlounge team will give feedback on every submission. In addition, please feel free to critique other submissions — there’s a lot of room to learn from each other. Good luck!

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