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Project: User Goals, Task Lists and User Flow Diagrams

May 10, 2018


This is a flexible project where you will pick a few of your favorite apps and identify User Goals, make Task Lists that satisfy those goals, and convert them into User Flow Diagrams.


  1. Pick 5 of your favorite applications Identify as many User Goals as possible. Remember, each application can have multiple user goals!
  2. For three of the goals identified in any of the apps in step 1, write a detailed Task List. Note which steps don’t have to be sequential, which steps are optional, and be as detailed as you can.
  3. Convert Task Lists you created in Step 2 into User Flow Diagrams.

How to upload your deliverables?

Hit the Reply button below and create a post with the deliverables described above. The Commonlounge team will give feedback on every submission. In addition, please feel free to critique other submissions — there’s a lot of room to learn from each other. Good luck!

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