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Project: What metrics should the Commonlounge team measure?

May 11, 2018


You’re the Head of Growth at Commonlounge. In this project, you will use the knowledge you just gained to determine the most important metrics for the team to look at.


Having learnt all about Metrics in this section, your job is to come up with the top 3-5 metrics that the team should look at every morning. What matters for the product, what does not? Think through the AARRR framework, as well as the HEART framework. How can you best leverage your knowledge to come up with meaningful metrics, and create a list of metrics sorted by importance and stage of the funnel.


Describe in detail the list of metrics that you come up with, and why do you think they are important.

How to upload your deliverables?

Hit the Reply button below and create a post with the deliverables above. The Commonlounge team will give feedback on every submission. In addition, please feel free to critique other submissions — there’s a lot of room to learn from each other. Good luck!

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