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Quiz (and Assignment): Support Vector Machines

April 17, 2018

This quiz tests your understanding of Support Vector Machines.

There is a time limit of 10 minutes per question just to make it more fun, but you should be able to answer the questions well under the limit.

Best of luck!

Bonus: Assignment

The MNIST dataset is also a good dataset for applying SVMs. If you’d like to play around with SVMs, load the MNIST dataset as demonstrated in Hands-on Project: Digit classification with K-Nearest Neighbors and Data Augmentation. Then, try the following SVMs variations on the data.

  1. Different kernels: Linear, Polynomial, and Gaussian (RBF)
  2. Different values of regularization (exposed as C by sklearn SVM)

sklearn SVM documentation is available here: sklearn.svm.SVC.

Onto the quiz!

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