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The Sprint Process Day 1: Start at the End, Make a map and Ask the Experts

October 03, 2017

In this tutorial we will introduce 5 tools used on Day 1 of the Sprint Process:

Start at the End

This is a good technique for setting goals and defining what you want to get out of the process:

  • Set a long term goal: Start at the end and ask: Why are we doing this project? Where do we want to be in six months, a year, or even five years from now? List the answers.
  • List sprint questions: Ask: How could we fail? Turn these fears into questions you could answer this week.

Make a Map

  • List customers and key players on the left.
  • Draw the ending, with your completed goal, on the right.
  • Finally, make a flowchart in between showing how customers interact with your product.
  • Keep it between 5 to 15 steps

Ask the Experts

  • Interview experts on your sprint team and guests from the outside. Aim for fifteen to thirty minutes each.
  • Ask about the vision, customer research, how things work, and previous efforts. Pretend you’re a reporter.

Make How Might We notes

  • Write HMW on top left corner of a sticky note, and reframe the problems you notice while talking to experts as opportunities. Make a stack of all HMW notes.
  • Stick HMW notes from everyone onto the wall in any order. Move similar ideas next to one another. Label themes as they emerge. Stop after 10 minutes.
  • Voting: Each person gets two votes. You can on your own notes, or even the same note twice. Move winners onto the map.
  • Pick a target: Let the Decider pick the most important customer, and one target moment on the map. The team can weigh in, but the Decider makes the call.

In the next tutorial we’ll look at tools used on Day 2 like Lightning Demos, The Four-Step Sketch, and Recruiting Customers for Interviews.

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