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The Sprint Process Day 4: Prototype

October 04, 2017

In this tutorial we will go through the UX Design tools used on Day 4 of the Sprint Process:

Rapid Prototyping:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Pick the right tools: Use the tools that are rough, fast and flexible. Tools you use everyday are optimized for quality. Our aim is to create a prototype with just enough quality to evoke honest reactions from customers.
  • Assign roles: Maker, Stitcher, Writer, Asset Collector, and Interviewer. You can also break the storyboard into smaller scenes and assign each to different team members.
  • Once individual scenes are prototyped, the Stitcher checks for quality and ensures all the pieces make sense together.
  • Do a trial run and look for mistakes. Make sure the Interviewer sees it and is ready with the interview script, and has reminded interviewees to come in the next day and has gift cards ready to be given.

The key idea here is that anything can be prototyped within a day by a team, and prototypes are meant to be disposable. They are built just enough to learn, but not more. It should appear real so as to evoke an honest reaction from the interviewee.

In the next tutorial we’ll look at tools used on Day 5: How to interview customers.

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