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What is Good Design?

October 03, 2017

While there are many definitions of good design, and many opinions on what good design means, the “10 Principles of Good Design” by Dieter Rams is generally the most universally agreed upon set of rules that can serve as a good definition of good design. Here they are:

Good design is…

  1. Good design is innovative.
  2. Good design makes a product useful.
  3. Good design is aesthetic.
  4. Good design makes a product understandable.
  5. Good design is unobtrusive.
  6. Good design is honest.
  7. Good design is long-lasting.
  8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
  9. Good design is environmentally friendly.
  10. Good design is as little design as possible.

If you want to dive deeper and see a detailed example for each of the bullet points above, we recommend you check out this link at Vitsoe:

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