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Getting Into Your Dream College: A Master Guide

July 05, 2017

The college application process can be an inundating logistics nightmare. Besides all the technicalities of getting your transcripts, standardized testing scores, letters of recommendation, and more to the various universities, you still have to fill out each college application. The CommonApp helps streamline this process, though many colleges still don’t use it or have supplements that take a decent amount of time.

As with any logistics problem, take a deep breath, make a checklist of the various deadlines, and set goals for yourself.

We’ve structured this guide as a list (?) of advice that we wish we had when going through the process. You can subscribe to this lists to receive emails reminding you to complete the next item on it. When you’re done, simply check the item off!

As always, feel free to ask any questions here, or on any specific article. Our community of mentors from many of the top colleges are here to help you.

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