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The Sprint Process Day 3: Decide, Rumble and Storyboard

October 03, 2017

In this tutorial we will go through the UX Design tools used on Day 3 of the Sprint Process:

The Sticky Decision

In the previous tutorial, we looked at the process to sketch solutions. Now that we have a stack of these anonymous solution sketches, it’s time to pick the one to three ideas that the group will prototype. To help us do this, we will follow the following five steps:

  • Art museum: Tape the solution sketches to the wall in one long row.
  • Heat map: Have each person review the sketches silently and put one to three small dot stickers next to every part they like.
  • Speed critique: As a group, discuss the highlights of each solution. Capture standout ideas and important objections. At the end, ask the sketcher if the group missed anything. 3 minutes per sketch.
  • Straw poll: Each person silently chooses a favorite idea. All at once, each person places one large dot sticker to register his or her (nonbinding) vote.
  • Supervote: Give the Decider three large dot stickers and write her initials on the sticker. Explain that you’ll prototype and test the solutions the Decider chooses.


Use this technique whenever you need to quickly gather ideas from the group and narrow down to a decision. Ask people to write ideas individually, then list them on a whiteboard, vote using small dot stickers, and let the Decider pick the winner.

Make a storyboard

To plan your prototype:

  • Draw a grid: About fifteen square on a whiteboard.
  • Choose an opening scene: how your customers normally encounter your product or service. Keep it simple (like a Google search, facebook ad, content on blog etc.)
  • Fill out the storyboard: Move existing sketches to the storyboard whenever you can. Include just enough detail to help the team prototype next day. The finished story should have five to fifteen steps.

In the next tutorial we’ll look at tools used on Day 4: mainly prototyping a solution and getting it to a state so that it’s ready to be tested in one day.

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