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A list of User Research Methods

November 06, 2017

Here’s a list of a few UX Research Methods and their one-line descriptions:

  • Interviews
    One-on-one meeting to get a participant’s feedback.
  • Usability Labs
    Participant is given a set of tasks and meets with a researcher.
  • Eyetracking
    A device is configured to measure where people look when they perform a task.
  • Ethnographic Field Studies
    Meet with participants in their natural environment.
  • Participatory Design
    Participants are given design elements and use them to construct their ideal experience.
  • Usability Benchmarking
    Study with precise and predetermined measures of performance.
  • Focus Groups
    Groups of 3-12 participants are lead through a discussion during which they give their feedback.
  • Concept Testing
    Participants are shown an approximation of a product or service to determine if it meets the needs of the target audience.
  • Diary/Camera Studies
    Participants record aspects of their lives that are relevant to the product or service.
  • Customer Feedback
    Information generally provided by users through a form or an email.
  • Card Sorting
    Method that asks users to organize items into groups and assign them categories. This helps to create the information architecture by revealing the participants’ mental models.
  • A/B Testing
    Test of different designs by randomly assigning groups of users to interact with each of the designs and measuring the effect on user behavior.
  • Email Surveys
    Participants are recruited by an email message.

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