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April 18, 2018

Personal Finance is one of the most important topics that isn’t taught in any school or university. It covers every important life event from paying for college loans, to building credit, planning for large purchases, relationships and children, planning for retirement, etc. Setting up a strong foundation early is instrumental to financial stability throughout your life.

This 14-part course is a primer on the most important personal finance topics.

The primary objectives of this course are as follows:

  1. Managing debt, credit, loans, and taxes
  2. Budgeting your day-to-day finances, relationships, and children
  3. Managing your banking, identity, and risk
  4. Planning for large purchases such as buying a home or a car
  5. Investing your savings
  6. Planning for retirement
  7. Interacting with and choosing professionals

This guide consists of ~14 tutorials that give you practical advice and information on personal finance.

Debts, Credit, and Taxes

Managing your Day to Day Finances

Large Purchases & Buying a Home

Investing and Savings

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